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Chris Cline, MA

Owner of

The Lord Who Heals Prayer Ministry

Author, Teacher, Speaker

Chris has been doing Inner Healing / Deliverance / Prayer Ministry work since 2010 when she opened her own private practice in Ministry. She has her Master’s in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. She has worked in the counseling and prayer ministry field since 2006.  Chris is also a graduate of the Elijah House in Prayer Ministry.

Specialties: Using Biblical principles, she has been working with children, teenagers, families, couples and individuals on topics of adoption, abandonment, addictions, depression, grief and loss, anxiety, sexual abuse, attachment issues, pyromania, domestic violence, pre-marital counseling, wrestling with your relationship with God, trauma experienced while in the womb, gender identity, post traumatic stress disorder, conversion disorder and more.

Experience: She has worked at residential treatment centers for teenage boys and girls and in counseling offices. She has worked with many teenagers from DHS and DYC.

She has also worked with teenagers who have been adopted or who are in foster homes. She has helped these teenagers with the abandonment and anger feelings that come along with no longer being with their biological parents.

She has also worked with many parents of adopted / foster children. Many think that the “normal” ways of parenting can be used and applied to this population of kids. But that is incorrect.

She has led groups with adults and teenagers on anger management, domestic violence, children of divorce, thinking errors, adolescent relationships and the masks we wear.

Certifications: Chris is also a Certified Splankna Practitioner from the Splankna Therapy Institute. Splankna is considered Energy Psychology through a Christian “mind-body-spirit” approach. “The word ‘splankna’ is the closest New Testament approximation to ‘subconscious’ and the gut. (

Through Splankna, individuals experience inner healing from the bondage they have been in. Prayer, EFT, NET and EMDR are some of the components used in this protocol.


From 2010 to 2013, Chris was an affiliate faculty member at Colorado Christian University teaching courses in Psychology.

In 2022 and 2023, Chris attended courses at Elijah House to receive a certificate in Prayer Ministry.

God is the change agent in Inner Healing Prayer work.
God will heal you and restore your relationship with Him.

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Chris Cline, MA
has authored

Glorious Awakenings,

My Journey of God's Healing from Sexual Abuse

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